Sunday, June 23, 2002

good lord. that last post was from february. has it really been that long? guess so ...

i'm cringing at the thought of writing about where my life is at, but i guess i've got to write about it anyway. put it into words so that i can see it more clearly for myself, or something like that.

ok, where are we? well, i've moved twice since february, upset a few people, made a complete cock of myself several times and lost most of my dignity and self respect. the upside is i'm now living with the object of my desire. of course, she's never here, because she's always off doing something with one of her shithead boyfriends. but, well, yea.

uhm, what else is there to tell .. hmm .. i really do wish i could just flick a switch, and get over this whole 'obsession'. then at least there'd be space in my brain for actual interesting developments.

oh, yea, i might actually start pretending to have a real job soon. good money, good hours, good project, good people to work with, etc etc. maybe that'll be enough to sort me out, get my head pointed in the right direction, all that. will do wonders for my dignity too, i hope.

ok, i'm bored of listening to myself now.