Sunday, May 20, 2001

oot de toot

well.. what a .. something .. of a weekend .. long, perhaps .. actually not that long .. the usual length ..

i don't even know if i want, or can be bothered, to talk about it.. it just hit me like a warm cuddly slap whilst i was sitting watching a movie on sky a few moments ago, that all these ideas and emotions scrolling on through my head should fit nicely in written form.. but as usual, the thoughts weren't mine to hold. they belonged far more to the couch i was sitting on, and having left it, they chose the wiser way, and stayed right put.

well ok then, i'll try doing a summary, a quick factual step-through of events. working backwards, because that's how i'll remember it.

claudia left not too long ago. we sat and watched movies, but that was after we went for a shits and giggles walk around the cliffy beachy bit down from the house. got wet, made it to safety, bought some hot chips and a coke, walked home. and then watched the video that we got out (after the beach walk, i'm really not doing this reverse chronology well am i). and after the video, we watched whatever was on sky. we sat on the same couch, but we didn't kiss.

on saturday i played paintball in the afternoon with a bunch of complete strangers. but the girl that coaxed me (well, i didn't require much coaxing) into it, i'd met once before. it was fun, and i gave her a lift home after, and we chatted and chuckled. she had absolutely wonderful breasts, but i didn't touch them.

before the paintball, i was sitting at darlene's flat with barnie and an odd little stoner, spinning records into the morning. sadly a lovely young thing by the name of sheradin (i really can't spell that) had already left. uhm.. i've lost track of my backward course.. it's difficult this way.. ok.. so previous to 's' leaving there was a party, and a scattering of people were there, who i grew to know fairly well, or at least slightly better, through the course of the evening. it was pleasant. most.

and that, there, was the story, backwards, without the fleshy details that usually make stories interesting. which would help to explain why you didn't really gain much satisfaction from reading it. but, what the hell are you doing reading this anyway? who invited you huh? oh, me? well.. ask me for the gory details, and i'll fill you in then..

right.. my typing fingers seem awfully slow tonight, so i'll leave it at that..