Tuesday, May 08, 2001

damn.. weird..

just had a dream, not a movie one this time.. i was hanging with darls, and otis was there. and he was a writer. he was about to have a reading at his place, and was expecting people to turn up.

when someone knocked on the door, i went to open it, and saw there was a whole heap of people outside. i asked "how many of you are there?" but didn't get an answer, they just started to all come in. i yelled to otis "is this ok?", and he yelled back "yea yea, s'cool".

then this reading went on for a while, and all the people there were strange goth looking people. it started to turn into a question and answer session. and the questions started to vear off topic and get personal. i was feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the situation, feeling that it was somehow maybe getting out of hand. but people ended up slowly leaving one by one before long, so i had nothing to worry about.

then somehow it melded into a dream about how neil gaiman had recently died, and we were all morning him. i lose track of the details about then.

but whilst i was lying half awake, i had the idea for a story slither it's way into my head. a story about a writer who can never find endings for his stories (huh, now who would that be). so one day he comes across a bookshop, one that sells only story endings, and each one a once off. so he goes in there, and shops around, talks to the shopkeeper about the endings, and finds that there's a whole range, where you can get best seller endings, tear jerker endings, thought provoking endings, mysterious endings, clever endings, all sorts.

problem is, i didn't think up an ending to the story.