Friday, February 09, 2001

damn.. there's a girl out there i really want.. i've just gotta have her.. and i know i can.. it's just a matter of fitting the place to the time.. damn i want her.. damn she looks good.. and damn is she right..

Thursday, February 08, 2001

another movie dream. this time about a young orphan boy, starting when he's about 4. starts out with him at around the turn of the 20th century or maybe a little after.. 1905 or something.. when his parents die he's sent to live with his grandmother in london, or just slightly out of london.. i think maybe his parents die in south africa.. in london he seems very innocent (or course, so young) and naive.. he wonders about his neighbourhood, and gets beaten up by some older bullies.. a group of men see this happen, they're a bit rough criminal sorts, but they save him and take him in, and let him hang out with them.. he spends lots of time with these older criminal men as he's growing up at his grandmother's house.. he goes to a very poor school not far from his grandmother's house.. but he doesn't pay much attention to it.. he perhaps has friends there, but his real friends are the gangsters.. he always goes to hang at their clubhouse after school, and listen to their talk and play card games with them and smoke cigarettes, but they wont let him drink..

but then his life takes a very different turn.. he befriends a very rich girl.. i'm not sure how he meets her.. but she takes a shining to him.. i'm not sure if he's still spending time with the gangsters.. maybe they've been killed, or he's had to move town.. but eventually his grandmother dies, so he has no family left.. he somehow manages to keep this a secret for a while, and look after himself.. still going to a local school, but mostly off in fantasy land playing in the woods nearby, or having adventures around places he shouldn't be in town at night, slipping in and out of bars and brothels, befriending the whores and drunks..

but back to the rich girl.. he befriends her somehow.. he meets her, i'm not sure how.. but they become very good friends, and spend lots of time together.. she enjoys his adventures in places her parents would never ever let her near.. they go about getting a very worldy education in life by seeing the seedy side of the city about them..

he eventually becomes endeared to the girl's family.. her mother loves him, and her father who is a busy business man finds him scruffy and disapproves, but ultimately doesn't take that strong an interest in who her daughter is friends with, so doesn't trouble him.. now he has a partner in adventure.. he and the girl love to role play around the places they go.. pretending they're much older, and different sorts of people.. they'll have lots of imaginary adventures together..

now this bit gets tricky.. i'm not sure about it.. well.. ok.. firstly, the girl's family, mostly the mother's doing, adopt him.. so he ends up living with them in their large house which is slightly out into the country around london.. he lives with them for maybe a year or two.. but something terrible happens when one day he and the girl are experimenting with sexual things.. they've seen it all in the brothels in town, but they were always too young to be interested.. but out at the country estate, they have lots of time alone together.. so they come upon other games to play.. what happens is the girl's father catches them, and becomes incredibly angry.. he hits the boy several times, and is going to send him away to an orphanage.. but that night, the boy writes a letter for the girl, telling her that they must meet up again when they're older and drunks and whores and gangsters, and he runs away.. i think he makes his way to america now.. on a ship of course.. he must be maybe 13 or 14 now.. he has a way of getting himself into places and situations, where people seem to assume he just belongs there, so dont bother him.. he's always lying to grown ups now, telling them stories about how he's the child of a rich family, and he's being sent to live with them in america, or his uncle is someone very important in the government or something..

but maybe not america.. maybe somewhere else.. i'll work on that.. i'm just filling in the details that aren't so clear from my dream.. not everything is spelt out for me..

but anyway.. whereever he is.. he comes upon a troupe of actors.. a travelling theatre perhaps.. perhaps we are still in britain.. not sure.. maybe i'll have to change the time when it's set.. but anyway.. he becomes part of the troupe of actors.. and travels with them, acting.. there's another boy near his age within the group who he befriends.. this would be his first real friend near his age who is a boy.. they quickly become excellent friends and really get great laughs out of the acting and travelling about towns and cities and going for adventures in them.. by now the boy is very good at looking after himself in difficult situations.. so they get themselves into some real humdingers.. but again things take a twist towards the sexual.. mostly because the boy forms such close bonds with only one person at a time, and going without close friends for long stretches.. but anyway.. him and the other boy, often being cast as girls in the productions, and being around several homosexual actors, begin to fall in love some..

here the dream gets a little hazy, and i think it's coming to the end of what i recall.. but i know that the two boys do become separated.. the main boy ends up in a school somehow.. not sure how he manages that at all, but he's learnt to look after himself quite well over the years.. he ends up in a school, i think actually a private boarding school.. and he learns to read and write and spends lots of time doing theatre.. and because it's a boys school, he has several relationships there.. and eventually when he leaves, he's a fairly well rounded young man, with an eye for adventure and lots of spirit.. he immediately moves back to a city, and joins a group of actors in the theatre.. being involved in some rather large and important productions.. almost by accident he meets back up with the other boy actor, who he's lost all contact with.. but before that, he'd been having relationships, and quite sexual ones, with other young girls in the casts of the productions.. he must be nearly 20 by now.. perhaps even slightly older..

so anyway.. he meets back up with the other boy.. they are immediately great friends again.. and go out drinking and partying together, doing all sorts of wild things.. they do also end up having a bit of a sexual relationship.. but the depth of this i'm not sure about.. i think maybe they're more like brothers now.. both having relationships all over the place..

anyway.. here's where my knowledge of the dream begins to end, but it's a rather lovely end from how i see it.. they're doing a production one night, and who should be in the audience but the girl from back when he was adopted, and her family.. they didn't realise he was going to be in the production, he goes under different names now, for the fun of it. infact they'd all but forgotten about him, except for the girl who always hoped they'd meet up when they were older, just like his letter said..

the production is quite big and has very rich and important people at it.. the boy, now almost a man, plays a lead role, and has become fairly famed for his acting, and also for his partying and wildness..

the girl's father afterward the show tells her no, but she's a headstrong educated young woman now, and she must see him.. she dashes off to try and get backstage, and manages to convince someone to let her through, saying that she's a friend of his.. there's a tearful reunion, and much hugging and kissing, and it's all very emotional.. it turns out that she is shaping herself as a writer..

somehow it all comes together.. and he, the girl, and his friend the other actor all live together in high style.. this all coming together when they're maybe mid twenties to their thirties.. she writes plays, stories, and is working on a book.. eventually they marry.. the other actor boy.. he.. he has other boyfriends.. but they're still all very close..

that's as far as i've got really.. they could perhaps go on to do greater things.. but my dream ended about there.. so maybe that's all i'm supposed to have for now..