Wednesday, December 13, 2000

god i'm a twit.

duncan told me yesterday that it's drinking games thursday today, and to be there at 8, and also to tell barnie.

i forgot to tell barnie.

barnie told me yesterday that richard is having a dinner at gina's, and to tell duncan.

i forgot to tell duncan.

want to organise something? want it it to run smooth, with everyone turning up, on time? well i'm not your man.
you know i've got no sympathy for people who haven't figured out the internet yet. people have had long enough.

it's harsh, but i've started taking a zero toleranace policy. if someone i'm doing work for can't click a link, or type an address in the address bar, then it's end of conversation time, call me back when you've managed to do it material.

ignorance is something i simply will not suffer.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

oh and she's been in jail too.. drunk driving underage or something..

crazy girl..
damn.. talking to this chick from somewhere in america.. she sounds fucked up.. i feel real sorry for her.. she can't spell hardly at all.. she's had something like 3 abortions or miscarriages, she's dropped out of school, her brother died 4 years ago, and she's only 19..

she sounds pretty bummed.. but there's only so much counselling i can do through icq.. and what good can i do, being a prime fuckup myself..
righto.. this is going to be my place to blather.. it's going to be completely unedited dribbling from me, about anything and everything that's on my mind when my fingers are at the keyboard.. it's probably going to be dull, but i can't help that, i've got a dull mind (although some people tell me otherwise)..